Monday, July 19, 2010

give me your best ideas.

This is the blog post where I post a picture of my little living room that is in the early stages of decorating and ask for suggestions.

You see, a few years ago, I found this table at a garage sale and it began pleading with me to give it a new home.  For $10, I couldn’t see why not.  I loved it.  I still do.

It’s just that… it needs a change.  A face lift.   I like change.

It needs help.

Sometimes, I look at it and think, oh little table, I love you.

Other times, I think, eeh, little table, you’re not doing it for me.

So, getting rid of the table isn’t an option, because, I want to keep it.  So, maybe you hate it, but don’t suggest the trash as  a solution.  Also, I’m not looking for, “buy a new table or new couch.”  There are other things higher on the list… waiting for a chance to become part of our home… and we’re all waiting patiently on… the budget, (collective sigh).   

Oh budget, that we love and hate at the same time.  Thank you for keeping us in line.


I told you, work in progress, but it’s our work in progress, so that’s something.  For now, all the furniture stays… unless, a new lovely couch appears at our front door and my husband denounces his love for his love seat of dark green and extreme softness.

But, let’s focus, on the table.  She’s in need of a makeover.   What can I do?  Please send me your best ideas, links, color schemes, diys, etc. 

Help!! Our little home will thank you.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

P.S.  I’m also hunting for the perfect fabric to redo the lamp shade.




  1. So I need more details on your current palette scheme.
    From what I see, there is dk green, soft mustard yellow and a sort of electric baby blue. Which I kinda think is awesome! My first suggestion would be when you find some awesome fabric for your lampshade, go ahead and make some cushions for the green love machine. I really don't think you'll have much trouble with your palette, it seems to be very au current!
    As for the little coffee table...what is the surface like? Are those mirrors, another color wood? Is it solid wood and can it be resurfaced? If so, grab some sanding paper and have at it, stain it similiar to your floors. If it's not solid wood, I tend to gravitate towards distressed vintage pieces. A midnight blue would be awesome, or white with tea staining. You might even want to consider using the the top of the table as a canvas for a new original piece. Add a sheet of glass and you've got yourself a one of kind.
    Of course, these are just my humble much fun!!!

  2. I've have to see the rest of the room, or know what style you are going for.

    From just looking at this picture, I would get some awesome fabric and recover the chair. Idea:

    Then I would paint the table an awesome popping color to match it.

  3. Who is this lady suggesting adding artwork to the table? I think that is brilliance!

  4. Here's my suggestion to solve all problems. Find a fabric to cover the lamp first (a pattern with both dark green and yellow and a 3rd thrift stores usually have great old blankets, sheets, shirts, etc that can be creatively reused and cheap throw pillows that can be recovered to match the shade. Take a piece of fabric with you and get spray paint to match the 3rd color. Quit and easy change. Plus that table top looks like it would be perfect for some family photos, old post cards, pressed flowers....

  5. I say paint it distressed white and use the panels for a themed trio of art in similar colors, maybe shades of yellow...
    Or paint the whole thing a dark color, and somehow transfer black and white or sepia tinted photos onto the panels- either collage style or 3 large, artsy sort of photos. You could use nature photos ( like close ups of flowers and such), or family photos, pics of a certain wonderful son you have, etc etc : )
    By the way, I love your yellow chair with the blue suitcase beside it!

  6. I love the distressed white idea for the coffee table. I was thinking just the same thing! and the inserts on your coffee table kinda go with the mustard green chair... so you can try leaving them for now, or painting them to match closer to the chair. Also, FABULOUS idea to do other things first before tackling the table. Pick the lamp shade, find fabric for some throw pillows, make some art for the walls, maybe even a carpet??, and THAN consider the table again. Its go such great bones, I completely see why you would not want to part with it.

  7. you know what may be very cool? Cover those three panels with maps from 3 different places you guys have lived, (like FL, Calif, MN?) maybe with mod podge. Are they removable? then just stain or paint the rest of the table a new color.


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