Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 2. Top 10. Scents & Smells

What, how random of me?  Not really, considering that I have super hero strength smell power these days {a blessing and a curse}, a scent can make or break anything.  Plus, there has been research that proves that scents are linked to our association of memories, so for example… that aroma of first walking into the college cafeteria, your extreme hunger is met with a dropping, disappointed feeling because your nose is telling you you’re probably not going to find anything delicious today… and you should proceed to the cereal immediately, before everyone else eats the lucky charms.  And, immediately, you feel sick and you leave smelling like cafeteria… and no one ever wants that.

Here’s another example:  My dearest husband used to hang out with his friends at one of those open late breakfast chain diners.  They would sit around the table having a great time, drinking the “coffee,” even though its taste left something to be desired, but that brewed beverage and those times were fond memories to him, so whenever we walk into a diner that serves, “coffee,” its aroma brings him back to those days. 

Thank God that I have been able to enlighten him on the truths of good vs. bad coffee and he now knows better. Whew.

So, smells, they’re a big deal.  Now, to the list…

My Top 10 Scents & Smells

1.  Here’s a shocker, Coffee.  

the heavenly aroma that fills your whole being with comfort and joy…  am I taking it too far? not a chance.

2.  Camp fires

I am addicted to that smell, I wish I had a candle that filled my home with the delicious scents of an warm, blazing fire.

3.  The sweet rapturous scent of a freshly bathed baby.

Nothing in the world like it.

4.  The Ocean

That perfect mix of salty spray, fresh air, sand, and water.

5.  The amazing aroma that fills your senses as you swing open the doors of Barnes & Noble. 

The combination of books & coffee, mainly the coffee.  I drink in that moment every single time. I can’t get enough.

6.  A used book store.

Part mystery, part musky, but mostly, lovely, old books.

7.  The Freshly Baked Candle from Pier 1.

You know that fresh out of the oven, sweet goodness. Yum.

8.  The signature perfume from Ruehl 925

From what I’ve read, Ruehl is no longer with us and my last bottle is empty, but I am certain it is the most lovely perfume in all the land.

9. The overall scent of autumn

That chilly night air, so crisp and sweet, with a hint of campfire somewhere in there. Magic.

10.  Rain

When you smell it approaching, when it’s pouring out of the sky, and right after when the world is fresh and new.


I must say my heart is warmed just thinking about these lovely aromas… What are some of your favorites?



  1. I stand in agreement with many wonderful smells! =) Especially Autumn!

  2. Wow, you've hit them all! The only thing I think I would add is lime. I always love cooking with it because it makes my whole kitchen smell so fresh. :)

  3. I have to say...I sorta got stuck on the book list. Trying to pick 10 books is super hard for me. I'm still thinking so I can comment on that list. :)

    My smeller is faulty, so I can't actually smell all of these things, but I do enjoy all of them...with the exception of Ruehl 925~ that only being because I've never smelled it! Now you make me WANT to smell it. :)


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