Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi, I’m Olivia and I don’t want to commit.

I took a break from searching for fabric,  because making crib bedding feels like a gigantic project.  It is a gigantic project.  Yikes.  I’m already working on one pretty huge task, it’s called growing a baby and raising a toddler, and I’m in this one for the   long haul. It’s a pretty big commitment.  So, all other lengthy projects are very un-appealing to me. 

I’ve figured out that if I tell myself that I won’t make a crib bumper, the task becomes much easier, but truthfully, I’ll want a bumper… so I’m only sort of tricking myself.  It’s complicated. 

I think I’m just having the hardest time actually choosing my favorite prints for the project because I keep finding more and more that I like.  But, as they say with love, you’ll know when you know*… and I’m still in the unknowing phase. 

(“Who are they?  The collective them!  And who says we should listen to them?  THEY DO!)  - Elizabethtown reference.  It happens, in my head all day and sometimes sneaks out.

* I hate clichés.

I feel like choosing these fabrics is a major commitment, for at least the next two years and photos and memories that will last for the rest of our lives… so whoa. Breathe.  Is it strange that the idea of having another baby is not nearly as overwhelming to me as selecting fabrics for her bed?  Because, the responsibility of loving, feeding, cleaning, nurturing, and raising a child for the next few decades is nothing compared to ordering the perfect fabrics.  Right?   It’s probably because I want it to be awesome, like really awesome, because most of the bedding sets that I find in stores and online gag me with “cutesyness*” and a lack or originality, and then they suck the life out of me with the price tag. 

(I feel a little dramatic today, maybe.)

*cutesyness is not a word.

Are you still with me?  I hope.

Today, I’m sharing my favorites, because seeing them all together will help and hopefully lead me into the next phase of the falling in love relationship.


#1: Matisse

This line from Alexander Henry comes out soon, I think the colors & patterns are just lovely and they delight my artistic soul.Anja in DoveAmelie in DoveColour in Stripes in Dove

(L to R):  crib sheet, bumper, crib skirt

Still Life in Dove

quilt front/back: either solid grey or yellow


#2 Modern Affair

This line from Patricia Bravo just came out this month, I love the colors and patterns, they are so intricate and interesting.  The colors don’t scream baby, but they are soft and pretty.

Fizz in OliveCalla Lily in PeachRoyale in Apricot

L to R:  crib sheet, bumper, and crib skirt

Organic Stripes in Papaya

quilt front/ back: something solid


#3 Summer Soiree

This line from Paula Prass is full of my favorite colors and wonderful patterns, so fun, exciting, and bright.

Centerpiece in GrayMints in YellowChevron in Pink

L to R:  crib sheet, bumper, skirt

Centerpiece in GrayCanopy Stripe in Passion

quilt front/ back :  stripes


Hanging Cages in Lime

You may remember my love for the hanging cages pattern, but I never really found anything to go with it and while I do have a yard of this lovely print waiting to be used, I feel that my desire to use it for the bedding has fizzled.  It happens.

So, there you go.  My final three, this is so much more intense than that world series thing.  Now I must decide.  Then, hopefully in the next few weeks, I’ll take the plunge… because we have approximately 13 weeks until the little lady arrives.

So, just for fun, which one do you like the most?  Which one do you think I’ll pick?


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  1. I like #2, because it all goes very well together. But #3 would be a very unexpected and FUNKY combination. have fun deciding. I feel the same way about all the crib bedding out there. Yuck! to the design and Are you crazy? to the price. Have fun with the bedding, can't wait to see what you do :)

  2. Well, I like the first one, with exception to the grey/cream floral in the center, it really just doesn't do anything for me.

    I think for a bright fun baby room, the second set is a good choice.

    I think that I really don't like the third set at all, but that's my opinion.

    And I have NO idea which you would chose. =)

  3. Hmmm...tough choice, but I'm thinking I like the #3 combination the best. Bright, bold, funky, and unexpected.

  4. I like the first one, but I don't really like the middle fabric with the gray and cream... it just seems very blah to me. My favorite overall combination is #2. Because they aren't your typical baby colors and I think that makes it more interesting! :)

  5. i REALLY like #1. it's my very favorite and i have to disagree with the others (sorry!)~ I LOVE the middle fabric!!!

    what will you pick? well, you did say #3 has your favorite colors, so are you leaning toward that one?

  6. HOWEVER...if YOU are not convinced on the middle one of #1, the middle of #3 would also be cute with the #1 selection...if you just want to confuse the matter more.

    I really want to like the #2 line, but just can't seem to come around to it. But I'm SURE you will make it cute, whichever one you pick. :)

  7. I think you might pick Matisse or Summer Soiree. From all your designs and likes, when I saw Pattern Summer Soiree, I thought of you. It is most certainly your kind of style!


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