Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art as Worship

There is a Light

It is no mystery to you by now, that I believe art is worship.  The act of creating connects us on a deeper level to the one who created the universe.  I believe art can be a hope, a whisper of our heart, a dream, and even a prayer.

Often, I find lyrics to a song or a scripture that speak to me as I begin to sketch and paint and it comes together in a way that becomes my act of worship. My soul declares the truth of God, my heart tells of his goodness and mercy.  Some do this in a song, I do it with colors. 

This has become an almost daily act for me and I began to realize that I would love to share this you all.   I want them to be available to anyone who could use the encouragement and reminder.  I will be adding these images to a flickr account and I give you complete freedom to save them to your computer, pass them on, even print them for yourself or a friend.  Of course, I ask that you respect my ownership and the rights of any lyrics too.

I am delighted to share these with you, I really am. I don’t really care about getting anything in return, but there is a place on the right side of the blog where you may donate any amount, if you wish.  If something speaks to you in a big way or you so desire, the option is available.

Most of all, I hope you are blessed and encouraged by these pieces, this art as worship.

I will be sharing them here and on my Instagram username- Saturatedpalette ||hashtag #artasworship, if you desire to follow the adventure.

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