Monday, September 10, 2012

Glorious Autumn Mixed Media Orginal Art 5x7

His nine day vacation ended with his alarm this morning.  We returned from our week away to find parenthood just as good and challenging as ever.  Yesterday there was football watching and napping.

Today the leaves rustle a tune deeper as they begin to adorn themselves with their new fall colors.  The sun shines through the open windows and a chatty wind sweeps through the house again and again.

A new season is upon us.

New ideas. New intentions. New pursuits. New creativity.

The beginning of new is full of life and energy.  It gives us a friendly push onward and forward.  To sweep out the corners that we neglected, to initiate new goals, and take steps towards dreams.  Do you feel it in the air?

I’m overwhelmed with the sense that some dreams will come alive in this season.  Do I say that with every seasonal shift? I hope so, oh I do, because dreamers never stop dreaming and they never run out.  New ideas lead us down unseen paths and into foreign places.  We are dreamers, that is what we do.

So today, whether the leaves are beginning to celebrate their annual wardrobe change or not, what do you dream for this new season?  What ideas will you dare to utter into the wild September wind?  Your thoughts are safe and welcome here in this space. 

Friends, let’s be what we were made to be, brave, strong, and courageous.


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  1. Dreamers keep dreaming.
    Yes. The always-new days of change.
    I love it, too.
    (And I love "chatty wind.":)


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