Saturday, June 27, 2009


Note: I have been looking for curtains or fabric to make curtains for the Hudson baby's room for well, since he was born. As a perk of renting, our marvelously "good priced," apartment, there are a few aspects that we just accept, like two rooms of ceiling to floor hideous wood paneling. Ugg.

Today, a friend brought me some fabric that she found because it reminded her of me. That's fun right? It looked really cute and I thought, hmm, I can make something out of it, I just know there's something. I brought it home and walked around the house with it, trying to imagine what I could do. When I got to the baby's room, I instantly thought, hey, this might look good in here. The more I looked, the more I realized it was almost a perfect match. Not even kidding. Can you imagine how excited I was? Very.

I am not a person who can just envision a project and wait a few days to complete it. I almost have to do it instantly and I usually must finish it, promptly. Sometimes, this exhausts my poor husband, when I need his help and he's exhausted. Good thing, he loves me.

So, tonight, we watched You've Got Mail, which delights my very being and I made curtains.

See how brilliantly the colors match?

In case, you're wondering, I gave a little squeal when I saw them finished and hanging on the wall. I love them. Thanks Julia.

Oh, and did I mention, how much I love You've Got Mail.

Note: His bedding is from Pottery Barn.


  1. Wow, those curtains look great and that fabric is an EXCELLENT match!!

  2. I know, it's a perfect small miracle.


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