Monday, June 1, 2009

Courage in the Kitchen #2

Homemade Rustic Italian Bread, made by moi.  Can I just say, I am not sure why I thought it would be so hard to make bread?  It's delightfully easy and I think kneading bread is one of the most therapeutic activities, have you experienced this?  I think the fears come from the time investment it takes to make it, the process of letting it rise. Our society doesn't like this.  We'd rather give more time to being busy and cringe at the idea of waiting for something to happen. So we'd rather go out and purchase bread, spending much more money than it would take to mix a few cups of flour, some yeast, a little sugar, oil, seasonings, and water.  Seriously, six ingredients.  

This particular kind would make a delicious panini, garlic bread, or be perfect dipped in some herbs & oil.  Who doesn't love dipping warm bread into oil?  This is the recipe I used and the only thing I would suggest is instead of making just one loaf, I'd split the dough into two, it makes beaucoup amounts of bread.  I made one small and one large.

I feel very confident that I can face many other types of breads now... hmm, what shall I make next?


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