Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Classic Movie Summer

Let's face it, summer television is umm, lame? So, in order to protect our brains and
enjoy quality, family friendly movies, we decided to compile a list of classic movies to watch,
you know, the ones you've always heard of, but never actually seen (and some we just love). It's been so fun, and we don't feel our brains turning to mush. Here are a few that we have watched so far:

What's your favorite classic film?


  1. Oh this post is so me. Love, love, love it! :) Hope you enjoyed Charade and To Catch a Thief! And I LOVE the fact that It's Always Fair Weather is on your list, that is an extremely underrated musical IMO. And Bogart and Bacall?! Again with the classic movie love. :) Have you seen The Band Wagon with Astaire and Cyd Charisse?

  2. No, but we should add it to the list... or borrow it from you!!


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