Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now my feet won't touch the ground...

Last night, I finally received my birthday gift and it was the best gift ever.  After waiting for probably years, I got to see my most favorite band of all time, in concert.  Yes, Coldplay, it was brilliant, every single second of the show was interesting, dynamic, beautiful, and entertaining. 

We originally had pretty mediocre seating, way up high, sorta behind the stage, but because of how the curtain was hung, we were moved from Section 313 to Section 108.  This picture shows just about how close we were.  So that was unexpected and wonderful.  Our section was full of pretty cool people who were not crazy kids who don't know anything about music and just like to scream, thank God, so we really could enjoy the brilliance of the music.  I've listening to these songs hundreds, if not thousands of times and it was so awesome to hear them live. 

I don't think Chris Martin knows how to sit still for a second and he and the rest of the guys definitely gave everything they had.  I never wanted to show to end.

There was no disappointment to be had by this Coldplay fan, none.  I even got to hear my most favorite song in the entire world, The Scientist, and that was perfection.

So, God thank you for Coldplay and my husband for letting us by the tickets... and thank you for music.

"Oh, love, don’t let me go
Won’t you take me where the street lights glow
I can hear it coming
I can hear the silent sound
Now my feet won’t touch the ground"
-Life in Technicolor, Coldplay

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  1. I would love to see Coldplay. Both times they came through we were not able to make it:(


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