Thursday, June 11, 2009

coffee meets its match.

I'm not the first one to say it, but I can't imagine how I managed to live twenty five years of my life without this most delicious crumble cake recipe from Smitten Kitchen, and there's rhubarb inside, which I love and adore.  Coffee cake is really easy to make, as I'm learning most things are and naturally, the perfect companion to a perfect cup of coffee.  Speaking of coffee, my eyes are considering starting a revolt if they don't see an over sized mug filled with some soon.

All I'm saying, make some.  It might be the highlight of your day.

Note: In this picture, I was enjoying some Tazo Passion Tea in one of my city space mugs from Starbucks, I need them all.  Oh, and place mat from Anthropologie (a few years ago.)  Suddenly, this is turning into my favorite things.  Coffee, coffee cake, Starbuck's mugs, Anthropologie...  love love love.

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  1. That crumb cake looks and sounds delicious! I discovered the Smitten Kitchen website when worlds collided and the SK people visited the Pioneer Woman on her ranch (resulting in some yummy-sounding recipes!).


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