Sunday, September 20, 2009

fall is here, at least in my kitchen.

Remember the pumpkin that the kind farmer gave me a couple weeks ago?   Well, it has since been made into pumpkin pie and devoured by the husband and I.  Yes, two pies in one week, maybe the baby had a few bites too… he’s a fan.
I used this recipe.  It was delicious.  Now the pies were not as vivid orange as the one you see in the picture and find in bakeries.  Perhaps, it’s more natural?  I don’t know, but it was delicious, and a touch less sweet than store-bought pies, which I think is nice; they still had that stellar pumpkin flavor.  It was a lovely companion to the afternoon coffee and occasionally, our snack during Conan.  Who said you can only have pie once a day?
Now, I didn’t take pictures of my own pies, I forgot, plus the top rim of the crust got a little burnt because I felt it needed to cook a bit longer than the recipe suggested. {Who wants a picture of a seemingly burnt pie anyways?} But the rest of the crust was perfectly delicious.  I doubled the recipe, but it made enough for at least three pies.  I only made two, I froze the rest, not sure how that will survive in the freezer, but it seemed like the thing to do. Does anyone know if it will keep?
Conclusion, it’s super easy, only takes a little more time to make pumpkin pie from scratch, and ALSO, I did learn that the canned pumpkin sold in stores is actually a variety of squash, very similar to pumpkin.  Hmm, and you thought you didn’t like squash?  Whatever your preference, if it doesn’t quite feel like fall where you live… you can always welcome the lovely autumn season into your home via your kitchen.


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