Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a little tiny exercise

I've successfully completed The Artist's Way for a little while now, but it is still something that I return to often, the process of unblocking your life + creativity is not a one time deal, but a constant process, constantly growing, analyzing, discovering, and creating. It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it.

I've been hoping to try and plan another inspire night with the girls, but I think some of you people need to stop being so busy, right now we could probably successfully plan something for the fall of 2014 :) Hmm, did I just say that? I believe it did. Anyways, I thought I'd share a little exercise with you, that can easily be completed at your leisure. If you want to share any of the answers or thoughts, please do. I'd love to hear them. Here goes, it's easy. I promise.

A little tiny, but awesome exercise that may direct you to doing more of the things you love.

1.List 20 things that you enjoy doing {it can be ANYTHING, I mean it.}
2. Next to each item, jot down when you last did this item. {This is the crazy part. It's been a while hasn't it?}

Now keep this list and try to do something from it on a regular basis. I believe these little actions will start making a huge difference in your creativity and how much you enjoy life.

Here's my list...

  1. Painting- two weeks
  2. Reading poetry out loud- over a week ago
  3. Sewing- about a month ago
  4. Enjoying a French film- last week
  5. Baking bread- two weeks ago
  6. Trying a new recipe- Sunday
  7. Biking- I seriously can not remember, boo.
  8. Kayaking- about two years ago
  9. A picnic- three or four months
  10. Reading magazines at Barnes & Noble- last week
  11. A farmer's market on a Saturday morning- a few months
  12. Writing an actual handwritten letter- last week
  13. Camping- too long
  14. Intentionally watching the stars- last month
  15. A campfire- last month
  16. Peruse antique stores- two weeks ago
  17. A good quality road trip- last year
  18. Tried a new restaurant- hmm, can't remember
  19. Played soccer- a few months
  20. Had a great conversation with good friends- a couple days

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