Thursday, September 17, 2009

I’m not sure that I could effectively communicate my thoughts and feelings about this current state of existence, but be certain, there are many, many complex thoughts and feelings.

Upon entering month seven of this season of Matt being unemployed, trusting in God for everything from His timing to even the most necessary provisions, feeling the pull away from here towards something new and still very unknown, I’d like to punch anticipation in the face. 

Anticipation is exhausting me.

That’s all.

- - - - -

{Also in the category of things that are exhausting me, any and all clichés about things passing, timings, seasons, and  doors and windows closing  and opening, etc., etc.}

However, one case of anticipation that I am very much okay with, the season premiere of The Office and delicious homemade Hawaiian pizza for dinner—this I can handle.


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