Wednesday, September 23, 2009

mug shots #1- honeymoon mugs

As promised, here’s the debut of a new series of posts called Mug Shots.  What is mug shots, you ask?  Well, it’s a bit of a writing exercise/self-analysis/glimpse of a person through their coffee mugs.  I know you have that favorite mug that you reach for every time you enjoy a nice warm beverage.  You may not be a coffee drinker, tea or hot cocoa may be your drink of choice, and that’s alright, but if you let me, I’d convince you that you should be .  It’s a proven fact that both of my college roommates and the husband have become serious addicts, it’s probably my fault, and I’ll take the credit for that.

Previously I shared that the husband and I started a tradition on our honeymoon of buying a pair of coffee mugs from Starbucks every year.  Maybe one day we’ll get them somewhere else, but so far, I don’t see that happening.  We’re big fans, which of course, you didn’t know.

Honeymoon 074 copy

|Card available from Palette theory via Red Bubble here|

Here’s a picture of our honeymoon mugs. They obviously are not identical but they were from the same line, just like Matt and I were two different people starting our lives together, but sharing the same purpose.  They are rather elegant as far as design goes, perhaps this speaks to all those notions of having all the nicest things and making the most perfect little house resembling something out of a catalogue, rather than the reality of having used furniture and some nights, you’ll eating cereal for dinner.  {But really, cereal can be just want you want for dinner sometimes, right?}  I love the combination of two different color schemes and patterns, but complimenting each other just the same. 

I love that besides these two mugs, the only other thing we purchased on our honeymoon was season two of The Office.  We had some seriously limited funds, but we loved every second of our  cabin escape to the Smokey’s.  Since that week of September 2007, we’ve used those mugs and watched that season more than we can remember, talk about quality investments.

So, there you have it.  As I share thoughts and pictures from years 1 and 2, you’ll see part of the development and growth of our marriage.  It’s so obvious and hilarious to us, maybe you’ll notice too.  Oh and incase you are wondering, we never, ever use each other’s mugs.  It’s just a his and hers kind of thing…. and truthfully, we only allow other people to use certain ones.  I’m not even lying.  We’re funny like that.

- - -

I’m still waiting to hear from you.  Send me a picture and a few paragraphs about you and your mugs.  Maybe you have more than one favorite, don’t worry, so do I. 

I’m off to make some coffee and restart Baby Einstein for the 100th time.


  1. I keep meaning to send you a pic, if I don't do that soon remind me!!

  2. Okay...I loved this post. I am not only a fan of high quality coffee (insert "coffee snob"), but also a coffee mug guy. I usually buy mugs (too many) from Starbucks as well. However, my wife and I were at the artisan show in Montreal this past winter and bought some beautiful hand crafted mugs from a potter there. I would post a picture but all of our things have been backed for MONTHS now as we have been waiting for our visas to come. Keep the posts coming - Marisa and I enjoy your writing.

  3. Phil, that artisan show sounds awesome. Thanks for the encouragement, I'll keep on writing, for sure. I hope those visas come soon!!!


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