Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Treasure Hunt: Teapots

I had so much fun with my first Treasure Hunt post, it’s going to become a regular thing around here.  If there is something you’d like to see featured, please let me know, I love a good treasure hunt.  Today I’m looking for teapots.
Vintage PUMPKIN enamel teapot and kettle
I love this vintage pumpkin colored tea pot from Room for Cake.
Jardine Collection Tea Kettle
This little kettle from OkaySK would definitely brighten up my boring white stove.
Love this Sugar & Creamer set from Anthropologie.
And this Fleur de Lys teapot from Anthropologie, too.
mark twain quote teapot
I like this teapot with quotes from Mark Twain.  It’s simple but fun, find it at 22pages.
Tea Kettle notecard set (4 cards)
An invitation to afternoon tea would be perfect on this little card from RueRenee.
And now, I think it’s time for tea.


  1. I love teapots. There is a really darling one in the new Paper Source catalog that I'm wishing for.
    Love your finds though! We drink so much tea in this house I think our whole family would be perpetually dehydrated if we didn't have a tea kettle on all the time. :)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my tea kettle notecards. If you haven't already you can enter for a chance to win them on this blog http://joydevivredesign.blogspot.com/

    Thanks again!


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