Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The adventures and horrors of apartment hunting in a great big city.

I should know better than to take up the apartment search online, during my last waking hours of the day.  Last time, I looked, I spent the night having nightmares of people showing us terrifying ugly, dirty, scary, and strange apartments.

It was terrible and I wanted to cry.

Last night, I gave up the search feeling utter exhaustion and defeat.  Moving from a relatively smaller suburban town in Tennessee to this wonderful thriving city, in the great north has been full of transitions.   Most of them good.  Instead of having one Target in town, there are twenty.  Instead of having 5 coffee shops in town, there are nearly 2,000.   There are museums, restaurants, markets, river walks, spectacular buildings, lovely parks, and so far, little humidity.   While living with family has been a much needed blessing, we’re getting anxious for our own space.  So I faithfully browse the internet and other sources, looking for the right place to jump off the page, as our new home.

We find ourselves torn between looking outside the city, for better prices, more space, more trees, our OWN laundry and parking; at the cost of losing the appeal of the city OR hunting down somewhere in a super fun, part of town that is much smaller, priced higher, and almost certain to come with community laundry and a parking free-for-all a.k.a. find parking at your own risk. 

As I browse the listings, I see amazing studio after studio with tall ceilings, crown molding, and hardwood floors available for great prices… and then I remember that we are approximately 1.5 years too late for a studio, as a family of three.  We need things like bedroom with doors, so a certain little boy can sleep.

Now, I am not saying there haven’t been some great selections.  In fact, there are tons of them.

They sound something like a  large trendy, loft with exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, a to-die-for-kitchen, tons and tons of storage space, a cozy little fireplace, a laundry room, a parking space, and of course, TWO bedrooms… but most importantly, a gorgeous claw foot bathtub.   (Priorities).  If you’re doubting that this place exists, doubt no more.   The only slight problem that arises is this: these magical places come at a price tag that would translate into: two full time jobs for everyone, including the toddler. (I believe there are laws against that).

….back to reality-ville-USA.

I do have realistic notions and an even greater sense of budget, and thus, I will continue to look and make calls and send e-mails.  I can only hope and pray that one of those response messages includes punctuation, capital letters, and a basic sense of professionalism.

And less of this:

“I can show the unit m-f 9-3.  Also the unit is a weird layout not for everyone it does have a bigliving room and dining area the rooms are a little weird.
Let me know”

Oh my.

Ultimately, I just need one person who I contact to show me an affordable place, in a nice area, with two bedrooms, at least a hall closet for my washer and dryer, a place to park our little car, and a claw foot tub.   Those are my realistic preferences…. and I’d prefer hardwood to nasty carpet…. but.. I’d settle for clean carpet.


Oh, the adventures and horrors of apartment hunting… stay tuned.



  1. Oh, I SO understand the stress. When we moved from a small town in SC to the big Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, we had two weeks to pack up the house we were in, find an apartment, and condense our belongings. We managed it! It wasn't perfect, but we only signed a 7 month lease - just enough time to learn the area and find something more suitable.
    Keep your chin up, and enjoy the blessing of having extended family near! :-)

  2. Awe...doesn't sound fun! I'll be praying for the Lord to provide the perfect place for you!

  3. Awwww! I will pray that the Lord will help you find a wonderful place to live.

    Olivia - Winter Light is just gorgeous.



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