Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ten for Creativity Day.13

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I’m posting this a little later than usual today, because sometimes it’s more important to do yoga and you know, shower.   Both of those things make me feel amazing… so I try do to them often.

Before I continue, I must admit, that thanks to one incredible husband and a rather easy toddler*, I have an amazing life.  It’s not very difficult, so I have no reason to complain.

{*easy… mostly, sometimes…. except not always.}

If my little boy wakes up early, I can usually get him to fall back asleep, otherwise, we watch PBS and I drink coffee and read blogs or e-mail.  Sometime before lunch, I try to do those tasks that keep my family and our home functioning at a level of ease.  The baby boy naps almost consistently from 12:30-3:30pm everyday. During those three glorious hours, I am artist, blogger, yoga-doer, reader, and whatever else strikes me fancy.  I try to keep those hours free of dull household chores.   He wakes up, wanting to be held, so I hold him in with one arm and my afternoon latte in the other.  Around 4:00 my husband gets home… then comes the whole dinner/clean-up/bath/ maybe watch tv for a bit/put baby to bed ordeal at 8pm.  {Clearly, the most exhausting part of the day.} 

Sadly, there are some days when the necessary responsibilities of life interfere with MY time… those days when it’s absolutely necessary to balance the checkbook, in order to pay bills, and then compile a weekly menu and grocery list.  All of these items which bore me, immensely.  But,  we like having our bills paid and we also like eating, so what can you do? 

So here I am, 3:30, bills paid, groceries listed, yoga completed, showered, and dressed and the truth is, I’m not feeling especially creative today.  Yet, that is no excuse not to take ten minutes for the sake of inspiration and creativity.

And now my tale is complete…

Day.13 If nothing else, look at pretty pictures

Find five pictures that inspire you. 

If you’re looking online, here are some great places to browse…

RedBubble  |  Flickr  | WeheartitEtsy

I’m working on a project that has to do with balloons so here are my five images, enjoy…











Places and Moments  (8x10 Unframed Original Fine Art Photograph)

{source: Yvette Inufio Photography | purchase here}


If you post your pictures on your blog, send me the link, I’d love to see what inspires you.

ALSO:  If you are interested in doing a guest post for Project: Ten for Creativity, contact me.  If you have a project to share or a creative exercise that really inspires you, I’m sure my readers would love to hear it.  E-mail me at palettetheory{at}

Hope you can find ten creative minutes during this busy day.




    I got four instead of five, but I DID do it! And that's what counts! Thanks Liv, and have a wonderful day. :)

  2. I can't wait to see your balloon-related project - those are great pictures, I especially like #1.

    Miss ya'll (though I am sure you are happy to have missed all the RAIN...)!


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