Friday, May 21, 2010


Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes.  It was certainly a good one, full of so many things that I love.  I think that was the best part, it wasn’t this huge celebration, but the whole week was full of delightful goodness.

This photo is from dinner at Midtown Global Market, taken by my mom.  For years and years, she has unsuccessfully tried to get us to all stand nicely and take one “fake” posed picture.  We’re not buying it. Sadly, the chances of capturing five kids, three spouses, and two little boys in perfect dream shot are very slim.  

*Our son was too busy playing to be bothered with photos.  Plus, the two younger kids don’t live here.  But, they will be here in a few weeks and we’ll all be together again.  (The last time was Christmas ‘08).

I’ll be back later with today’s Project: Ten for Creativity.  I must confess, I didn’t even think about blogging yesterday.  My son has temporarily become a nocturnal creature and our sleep is less than ideal.  We’re hoping this is just a very short fad.



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