Thursday, May 27, 2010

Make Art. Make a Difference.

I’m so excited to be partnering with this great project, A Beautiful Idea.  They really believe that artists CAN change the world.

This is how it works.  Artists create a product.  They sell it online.  All the profits from that product are donated to charity to help people all over the world.

A Beautiful Idea makes it easy to take part in changing the world.  Learn more about how you can get involved.

I am contributing the proceeds of this piece to A Beautiful Idea, and will continue to create more art for the project in the future.

A Hymn of the River- Original Oil Painting

{A Hymn of The River, Original Oil on Canvas, by Olivia Moore}

Spread the word about the word about A Beautiful Idea, let’s do what we can to help in small and large ways.



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