Wednesday, July 28, 2010

whose life is this?

It’s 6:00 pm on a Wednesday.  This is the view in front of me.
You might be thinking, yeah, that seems about normal for you.  However, I’m sort of in shock.  I mean, I remember this scene from long, long ago, before diapers, 7:30 bedtimes, and endless little puzzle pieces scattered around the tiny-hard-to-reach spaces of my home.
Lately, on the rare occasion that I do go out for coffee, it’s pretty much a go in, order, leave ordeal.  I guess little boys under the age of 2 don’t find as much joy in spending quality time in a coffee shop as their mommies.
But tonight, guess who is with me?  No one.  There are no children in sight.  There are no toys or diapers in my purse. Toy Story is not playing in the background for the 1,000,455th time.
It’s just me, my iced coffee, my pumpkin scone, and the laptop.  My beloved trusty, neglected friends.
I feel less crazy.  I feel less tired.  I feel refreshed.  I also feel cool, as in temperature,  because Starbucks is equipped with more than a silly window AC unit to combat the intense summer heat. *I wonder if they will let us move in?
This is a beautiful, much needed moment would not be possible without my amazing, wonderful husband, who spent the day working, came home to tend to the toddler and send me away for a few hours of coffee shop mind-and-soul therapy.  He’s good like that.  I like him.
Have you had a moment like this lately?  I highly recommend it.
Ps. Don’t your kids always seem cuter, once you’ve had a little break?


  1. Yes, kids do seem cuter and better behaved after a little break :)

  2. Have I found a kindred spirit? Because I have yet to find anyone who loves pumpkin scones from Starbucks as much as I do. Ha ha ha... :-)


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