Friday, July 23, 2010

on the home front and other news.


Here’s a little glimpse of some new art for the walls. 

My mind is reeling with new ideas for our living room.  Thanks for  all your great suggestions on this post.  I mean, you guys have some great ideas.  I’ll keep you updated.

Also, I loved all your comments on my baby growing diaries post.  There will most definitely be more in the coming weeks and months.

This weekend, I’m thinking about baking some sort of cobbler, hunting for treasures, working on some projects around the house, and continuing my efforts of convincing my husband of a new possible middle name that I am liking this week.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!



  1. Hey, isn't that a Mr. Magorium quote? ;)

  2. Sure is!!! Hooray for another Mr. Magorium fan!


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