Tuesday, July 13, 2010

making it home: snapshots

Here’s a little home update:

  • I tore down the horrid wallpaper in the bathroom, to discover a wall that needs some serious repair. Oh joy.  So much for an easy, simple paint job.
  • We’re thinking a soft shade of gray on the top half of the wall, will look perfect with this shower curtain, which I’m mad about. The lower half is covered in clean, white tile.  There’s a large window that adds such great light and fresh air, which always helps a bathroom.
  • We’re dreaming up new art for the walls.  No longer will our walls be a small gallery of my oldest and (not really the best) paintings, but we want to be very intentional about the art we hang.
  • We don’t have a defined style.  Don’t put me in a box!!  A little minimalist. A little vintage.  A little eclectic.  Super cozy and fun. … And of course,  all on a nice, little, tiny budget.  Thankfully, we have lovely hardwood floors, crisp, clean (non-paneled) walls, and updated fixtures… so we’re starting out with a good, fresh blank canvas, of sorts.

Here are  a few snapshots from some of my favorite little details, so far…

IMG_4644 IMG_4646 IMG_4649IMG_4648  IMG_4651


  1. My yellow chair, a $5 find from thrift store.   Score!

2. Our little pub-style table (that we are outgrowing), with tea towel from Anthropologie.

3. Dishtowels, birthday gift, the ones that no one is allowed to use.

4. My clean, organized, pretty kitchen.

5. Coffee table books that we love, not on the coffee table, because, let’s be serious… we have a toddler. 

6. Entryway bench, with wellies, naturally, and a quilt from my husband’s, great-grandmother.


There’s another peek, I’ll keep you updated on the progress.



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