Saturday, July 10, 2010

Making it home: the little boy’s room

It’s been just over two weeks, since we moved in and while all the boxes and evidence of moving are gone, this place is far from looking like the cozy, creative little home that I intend it to be.

So far, the only room that’s really come together is the little boy’s.  We used all the same pieces to decorate, but in his first room in TN, there was truly unfortunate dark, faux wood paneling, so nothing really popped the way it does in his new room with bright white walls.


I had plenty of fabric left from making the first set of curtains and always intended on making more when his room had more windows.  I made another panel and I love how the three of them look. The fabric is from my friend, Julia, who was shopping one day and thought I needed it.  She has no idea it went perfectly with the colors in his room!!  What a great find.IMG_4462

We hope to find a rug for his room, but for now, we’ve using his plain mary monogrammed play mat from my brother, Jeremiah.

IMG_4467 IMG_4622

IMG_4621  Mr. Diaper, in his constant summer wardrobe is showing you the toy corner of his room, where his wonderful Radio Flyer wagon, from Grandpa and Grandma serves as a giant toy box.

*And his room seems to be the perfect place for my exercise ball… so that is where it lives, when I’m not using it.


In the opposite corner is our little reading nook.  The plastic drawers hold all of his books and puzzles.  I’m hunting for something much cuter, perhaps a sweet bookcase… but we already had this and it works for now.  I just pretend it’s not as ugly as it really is.


Matt and I made these three pieces of art when preparing for Hudson’s birth.  I painted.  He drew.  I added the words.  We’re a good team.  Each one has an endearing or inspiring quote from some of our favorite children’s books. (Dr. Seuss, Winnie the Pooh, and Mickey Mouse)


The changing table is an old hutch that one of Matt’s customers gave us a few years ago…  This area still lacks pizzazz. I think it needs a little something to make the diaper changing more fun, if that’s possible.  I would also like to reclaim my lamp for my desk, so a small lamp is also on our list of treasures to find.  Besides, can you guess how many times I’ve had to tell him not to touch the lamp?


Minus a rug, a lamp, a few more prints, and a little bookcase… the little boy’s bedroom is quite cozy

… come on garage sales… be good to us.

There’s your little peek for now… more to come, as I continue turning this place into home.



  1. How fun to decorate a new house! Yes, g-sales will so much more interesting in another space.

    I love the artwork you and hubby did for his room!

  2. Hudson's new room looks great. You did an amazing job pulling it all together. Love the curtains.

  3. Love the way the curtains and those prints really "pop" on the walls now!

  4. love the rocking chair. I'm about to move myself. Hope your move went well :)

  5. Hey! I have a Hudson too! Aren't they the best : ) And since you suggested it, I'm going to go have some coffee : )


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