Saturday, July 31, 2010

reawaken the dreams

I have these thoughts stirring inside of me, thoughts full of life, excitement, and possibilities.   I feel a shift throughout my head and most certainly, my heart.
Recently, I’ve had some amazing conversations with dear friends who are realizing and pursuing their dreams.  When it seems that life isn’t shelling out options or giving easy, multiple choice answers, they are taking steps to make their dreams reality.  Reality meaning, something that is only possible through great amounts of hard work, time, and passion. 
I wouldn’t say that I’ve stopped dreaming, in fact, I’m living some of my favorite ones.  Yet, I am realizing that others have been neglected,  just left to sit on the shelf, looking pretty.  It’s time to reawaken my dreams. 
Reawaken the dreams.
This is the phrase that I keep hearing and feeling.  Can one actually “feel” a phrase? Why not, anything is possible.  If you get that, then you are definitely in the right place.
As I begin to discover what exactly this means… I invite you to reflect on your own life and remember those dreams that make your heart leap and your mind reel with wonder.
Reawaken the dreams, what does that mean for you?  What are some dreams that you’ve let become trinkets on your shelf, rather than active participants in your life?
Here is a few things that I plan on doing during this process.
1. Pray and seek the one who gives us dreams.
2. Read plenty of books that challenge and inspire.
3. Write.  Often.
4. Prepare to be amazed.

“There’s no time for dreaming in this world,” answered the young lady with her back to him.
“I have been thinking lately,” said Inglewood in a low voice, “ that there’s no more time for waking up.”
-Man Alive, G.K.  Chesteron
reawaken the dream,

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