Thursday, August 26, 2010

dear baby girl

Today is August 26, 2010, your daddy and I got to see you on the ultrasound monitor.  We got to see your sweet little arms and legs and that beautiful baby girl profile of yours.  Practically Audrey Hepburn.  You’re simply lovely. Already.
We are all so thrilled that you, a little girl of our very own will be joining us and making us a family of four in January.  When I say we, I mean, mostly your daddy and I, because your big brother doesn't really know what’s coming.  He’s very unaware that his whole world is going to change in a few months plus, he doesn’t really speak in full sentences and usually just talks about dogs, books, and birds, but if he really knew that he was going to have a baby sister, I think he’d be really excited too.  He seems to like babies, he points out every single one, but none of them have ever come home with us to stay.  Don’t worry if he doesn’t want to share his mommy at first, he’ll get used to it, it’s not really his choice.
Immediately after we found out that you were a girl, we went to Target to celebrate with Starbucks (I’ll tell you all about coffee, well you already know a little about it) and of course to buy you some clothes.  We are going to have so much fun, I’ll do my best to keep you very fashionable.  It’s important to look good, but remember, it’s more important to be a good person.  If you aren’t a good person, then clothes won’t help.  And you don’t have to choose one or the other, just so you know.   It only took a few minutes of me going crazy over all the sweet baby girl dresses and jackets for your daddy to realize that he was in serious trouble. 
We bought you a little grey onesie with the cover design from the Beatle’s Abbey Road album.  We like the Beatles around here.  In fact, your brother’s middle name is from one of their songs.   Back to the outfit, it’s grey with just a few touches of pink.  Grey is my favorite color and I think it looks better when you spell it with an “e” instead of an “a.”  Both versions are acceptable, though.  Spelling is also very important, but you’ll learn about that too.  In case you wondered, pink is a good color, but there are so many other great colors, don’t limit yourself. Variety is good. Oh and great style is about mixing, not matching.
I have so much to tell you and you have a lot of growing to do. I’m going to keep all these letters in a journal for you to read one day, just like I did with your brother. Then one day, you can read it and keep it, if you want.  I hope it’s alright if I share a few of your letters here, for other people to read… they might enjoy it.
Well, we can’t wait to meet you, but we’ll happily wait until January, so you can keep growing and developing.  A lot of people will tell us that you will be here before we know it, and just in case you wondered, that is a terrible phrase, because the truth is, I do know it.  I do.  It’s not like I’m clueless or anything.  I know it’s not January and and I also know you’re still not ready to come out, THUS, I know it, making “before you know it”… incorrect. 
Love you.
19 weeks tomorrow.


  1. Liv- This brought tears to my eyes. Simple sentences are sometimes all we need to convey all the emotion that is wrapped up in loving our children. I am so happy for you, and I can't wait to meet (or at least see pictures of : ) little Harper!

  2. Please explain to Harper that Grandpa Urlaub simply loves everything pink. Hopefully he will not overwhelm you with pink.

  3. Yayyy! Baby Girl Harper. How exciting and oh what fun!

  4. congratulations!! what a wonderful day. hooray for sweet baby harper!


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