Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You need new recipes.

Until recently, I haven’t been cooking much.  The very idea of eating is a chore, much less cooking for my family.  Unfortunately, I think they had their fill of hot dogs and mac n' cheese.  But I’m starting to feel much better and even some days I notice this foreign feeling of hunger.  A few weeks ago, I picked up the latest issue of  The Food Network Magazine, while on a recent date to the local  B&N, my husband let my buy it because I convinced him I would cook again.  I wasn’t lying.  I think I’m make five recipes so far. Now, I need a subscription. Hint, hint.   Here are a few of my favorites.
  Picture of Baked Fish and Chips Recipe
1. Baked Fish and Chips.  Who doesn’t love them?  I prefer tons a malt vinegar on the side for dipping.  No frying required.

2. Picture of Rosemary-Mustard Pork With Peaches RecipeMustard- Rosemary Pork with Peaches.  This one was off the charts delicious and scrumptious.  The recipes calls for grilling the meat, but there’s no grill here, so I used the oven, still wonderful.  It’s also slightly fancy, so it would be impressive for a dinner party… and still so simple. 
Picture of Shrimp-Salad Pitas Recipe
3. Shrimp Salad Pitas.   The husband loves shrimp.  He could eat it all day.  The was a perfect summer dinner, because it only required a few minutes to broil the shrimp.  So light and rather healthy too.
Picture of Tomato Salad with Cheese Crisps Recipe
4. Tomato Salad with Cheese Crisps.  I made this for lunch, because let’s be real… the husband doesn’t want to eat a bunch of tomatoes for lunch.  But me?  I love tomatoes, especially the ones I’ve been getting from the garden market across the street.  I used to eat tomatoes like apples with salt shaker in hand.  Yum, yum, yummy memories.  I didn’t use heirloom tomatoes, I know that would had added to it, but it was still a tasty little lunch, if I do say so myself.  Aren’t tomatoes so pretty?
5.  Homemade Soba Noodles.  My friend Kristin spent a month in NYC doing yoga instructor training and she shared her recipe for Soba noodles.  It was really tasty.  I will admit, I didn’t add tofu, because I don’t really think that is food.  Maybe you do, that’s wonderful.  I’m still a no-tofu necessary kind of girl… we can still be friends.
And just for the sake of being authentic and transparent.  I also made a version watermelon sorbet from good old’ RR, but I must have forgotten that watermelon is actually really sweet already because, I added too much sugar and now it’s unbearably sweet… as in downright gross. (We’re not really huge lovers of sweets around here).  My fault, I’m sure if you followed the actual recipe it would be a lovely summertime treat.  For now, my version will sit in the freezer until I feel motivated to clean out the fridge or I need that cake pan.
So… there you go.  Six new recipes. You’re welcome. What have you been making lately?  I’m always looking for new things to try.  I am not afraid of new.  I love new.  I’m one of those rare individuals who crave change… but that is an entirely different subject. 
P.S.  That still doesn’t mean I want to eat tofu.


  1. All the recipes look wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I love new trying new recipes all the time. I think it's my favorite pass time. I also think it's great that you like malt vinegar for dipping sauce. I'm a huge malt vinegar lover myself for all sorts of things and Aaron thinks I'm weird.

  2. I'll admit, I'm a change craver too.


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