Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let the games begin…

You can be quite certain that since Thursday morning, I’ve thought of little else besides the fact that we are having a baby girl and all the fun that means. I’ve also thought about how wonderful my little boy is and how he gets sillier every day, don’t worry, he’s not being neglected.
I’m looking for fabric to make her bedding, because this time around I am quite certain I don’t need to shell out huge amounts of $$ for mass produced bedding, when I have what creativity and a sewing machine that I know how to use.  Besides, most of them are too “cutesty” for me. I’m still scheming the design and colors but, here are two fabrics that I have fallen for already, this one and this one too.  Why yes, that’s a city map of Paris.  I’m also envisioning a few rows of ruffles.
Hanging Cages in LimeCity Map in White
and I’m starting to see all of the cutest little things that a baby could need…

Like these precious rattles
And sweet mobiles like this one
Or this origami mobile.  But, I think I’m too right brain creative for such detailed endeavors like origami… where are my detail loving friends?
I’m also going to need to increase my knitting skills, because my little winter baby will need half a dozen cute sweaters, in every major color, to coordinate with her outfits.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to since Thursday… oh and eating this delicious tiramisu that the husband brought home last night.  AND catching up on Project Runway… starting to strongly dislike the designer I liked the most, her name starts with a Gretchen.
Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.


  1. You are going to have so much fun and little Harper is going to inhert a great sense of style. Love all the pictures but especially the fabrics that you found. Sewing for little girls is the most fun. I am guilty of saying I didn't sew a single item for my little boy, but went crazy sewing for the girls. I can't wait to see what all you come up with.

  2. oh man. you are having a girl. so good.

    oh man. how awful was Gretchen this week? How awesome was it when Tim called her out? so good.

  3. HI Liv, I made the bedding for my little girl, too. Hated all the designs out there, too baby-ish. Anyway, good luck with sewing and the room :)

  4. Love those two fabrics you found!


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