Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello, insane amounts of inspiration, I missed you.

Week 19 of this baby growing adventure has launched me full-force into a creative frenzy.  At last.    Since the middle of May… I have not created one single piece of art.  Talk about a dry spell, but you can blame the nausea, the inability to keep anything down, the repulsion of most food, the exhaustion, and the insufferable heat for that.  Oh, the things we do for these babies.

But all of a sudden, I’m back in the game.

I felt the first tiny dose of inspiration on our weekend adventure and went on the hunt for the perfect supplies.  I found just what I needed from the fun etsy shop, White Serenade and finally, on Saturday, I sat down to create a bit of art.


Like a trusty old friend, my paints and brushes were there to cover the canvas.  My handy mod podge and hot glue gun did what they do best.  My creativity did the rest.  Here’s the finished collage.


It’s hard to read, but the cards are old French vocabulary cards with the English translation on the reverse side.  If you know me, you know I love English.  I love French.  I love words.  I love words that are spelled correctly.  I don’t even abbreviate.  And now we are getting off the topic.  Some cards are showing the English side, some the French.  For the most part, I arranged the words to create little phrases, but you’ll just have to come over to read them. My husband thinks one of the cards was used on purpose, just for him.  That card would be “to smell.”  Alas, I regretfully admit that was not intentional.  The face of the clock was from an old clock Eiffel tower that I used to have, I saved the clock piece for some reason.  I added a new battery and voila, this piece of art is multi-functional.  The small cameo brooch is from the great stash that belonged to my grandmother, I just felt like it needed a little something else.   The embroidery hoop is from somewhere. 

Did I mention that I made this to go in the bathroom?  I thought it would be a perfect companion for the shower curtain, which I still adore.    It hangs across from the sink.  But, we have a small bathroom, so unless I take the door off the hinges, you can’t see the full view at once.  I do love my blog, but there are limits, I’m not taking off the door.

IMG_5044 IMG_5045

The shower curtain is from Target.  And yes, that is a cute little potty for the toddler, but so far, he refuses to use it for anything other than a stool, to play in the “wa-wa.” He loves cleans hands.

So, there you have it.  I finally made something new.  I’m working on another piece too, I’ll share soon. 

Have you made anything new that you love? 


PS.  My crafty friend Jessica did a little interview over here, check it out, she’s funny.

PPS.  I just ordered more of those cards, so stay tuned for some new more vocab turned art fun.


  1. that collage is so cute! perfect with the shower curtain. Maybe it can teach your new baby to be bilingual.


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