Thursday, September 1, 2011

the pie project

Last weekend during our lake escape, we asked the motel manager for eating recommendations.  First thing he said was, “Betty’s Pies.” I’m certain we heard nothing after that and  knew we would go.   The service was slow-ish, the food was good, but the pie… I guess that’s the whole point.  I spent most of my meal staring at the menu, because this was a very important decision. We choose French Blueberry Cream and we were not disappointed.
As my son and husband built towers out of coffee creamers, I decided right then that I wanted to make more pies.  I also want to grow old to be one of those ladies who people beg to make her famous pies. Pies don’t get the recognition they deserve in the unjust world.  Cakes can be so iffy with all that nasty buttercream icing, so uncertain, but pies ooze comfort from under their crispy, buttery crusts.
And there’s coconut cream and rhubarb and pecan and my friend Danielle’s amazing chocolate pie.  I’m just saying, pie.
So, I’m starting a little project,  mysteriously named, the pie project, where I will try a new pie recipe every two weeks.
1. Since I grocery shop for two weeks at a time. 
2. Because we can’t eat pie everyday, well …we could, but we’re not.
First to celebrate our awesome sauce anniversary is this browned butter and cheddar apple pie from food52.   Brown Butter and Cheddar Apple Pie
I’m making this as soon as nap time commences. But for now, I need to know, are you team pie or team cake?  And if then, what is your absolute favorite?
I’m also taking reservations for coffee and tea time.
If you are on pinterest, I started a Pie Project board here.
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  1. Team Pie all the way. All my life. I think banana cream is my favorite - although that's a particularly tricky one that has the potential to be very disappointing. Second runner up would definitely be one of those pecan-chocolate-toffee-combo-sticky-fattening pies. You know the ones.

  2. Now...that is such a hard question!!! I dearly love both cake AND pie!

    My top favorite pies are:
    Apricot Fried Pie (my grandma taught me how to make these and they are the very best thing ever)
    Lemon Icebox Pie (my mama taught me how to make this and I love it)
    Cream Cheese Pie from Marie Callendar's (haven't been there in years, but grew up on this pie and it was one of a kind...

    I will have to stop there. But I do have other favorites.

    I will make a reservation for coffee and tea, but can we also please have pie? We could both make one and share... ;)

  3. @Jenni Bailey Yes, Banana Cream pie can be so good or terrible! And yes those delicious pies, I know those.

  4. @Girly Muse I thought that pie was a given, but yes, coffee/tea/pie. Soon. You might have to teach me some of your favorites.

  5. ok, whew. didn't want to make any assumptions... ;) although, when we get together, let's just ALWAYS assume there will be coffee/tea and food of some sort. let's do it.


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