Wednesday, September 7, 2011

love captured. love painted.

They were sitting on the balcony, my husband and our daughter.  She was batting at the wicker arm of the chair, cooing and creeping further into his heart as every second passed.  We would be leaving soon to head home, so I left them to gather our things.  But, I found myself in the bedroom looking at the same sunset they were watching.  I’m a sucker for sunsets, a new masterpiece each night, a little gift that says, “I love you, here’s something pretty to hold you over until the stars.”

I stretched out on the bed and heard through the open windows,

“Do you see the sunset? It’s pretty, just like you are.  (Coo.) Yes, I know. You’re one of God’s greatest creations, it’s true.”

Love between a father and daughter captured as love was painted across the sky.


  1. I love sunsets too! Sunsets and sunrises. Both beautiful gifts every day. And what a beautiful exchange between a father and daughter. That's precious.


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