Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Sewing Report

IMG_0714IMG_0715     IMG_0716


First, the Explorer vest from Oliver + S, Little Things to Sew.  I skipped the size that said up to 3, since he’s almost three, but I apparently forget he’s the skinniest almost three ever. It will fit someone day.  Same fabric as the hat, but he’ll likely outgrow the hat before he can wear this, so no over-matching issues. That would be a disaster.

This was my practice for the LTTSA later on, there are some major problems with this one, but perfection is not required for playing outdoors, only for perfect land, where we do not reside. Next time, I want to use a solid fabric, this looks rather woodsman to me. Cute, but not my favorite.


My sister brought home this lovely, brown wool skirt from France, I knew it would make the perfect coat.  I used the Chic cocktail coat from Heidi & Finn.  The smallest size of the pattern is 12M/2T.  There are some 12 month clothes that do fit my sugarplum, so I thought she’d definitely be able to wear it this winter, ewww, winter.  Well turns out that super skinny almost three year old of mine could wear it now, so maybe next year for her.  I used the leather and circle closures from the skirt, instead of the bow suggested in the pattern, but I definitely plan on making another one with the giant bow. The world needs more giant bows, as far as I’m  concerned.

Le fin.


  1. these new creations are divine. you are just sewing up a storm over there!!!

  2. These are so fantastic. I quite LOVE the coat and wish it was in my size!

  3. Really, really love what you've made here! Would love to see your little darlings model these designs. I for one, love the woodsman vest, it's very imaginative.
    You never seem to run out of ideas for art, you have one very giant gift my dear!

  4. @Marisa I would absolutely show you photos except they would get swallowed up in them being a few sizes too big!


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