Monday, September 26, 2011

On art shows and transparency

This week is all about art, as I’m  getting ready to display my collection  at a local coffee shop.  It will be my second official exhibit, but technically my third.  You see, I went to a college where boys and girls were not allowed in each other’s dorm rooms, except for a few hours a week, as crazy as that may sound, it was just fine.  One day some friends wanted to see my art, so we brought it all out and lined the balcony.  My funny roommates felt left out so they searched for art projects made by the preschoolers they taught and other random things and displayed those too.  It was the best time, but I was terrified that all my mystery would evaporate as certain individuals looked at my paintings. I wondered if my art would give away secrets that I was probably already failing to keep. “Trust me, everyone is less mysterious than they think they are.” A few random people walked by on their way down the stairs, but it mostly a private exhibit, with a handful of friends. So exclusive.  I’ll never forget it.

Here’s the thing about sharing your art with others.  It’s wonderful. It’s great. It’s terribly frightening.  Strangers standing face to face with some of your truest expressions.  Things to marvelous for words uttered in hues of paint. What if they hated it?  What would they think?  And you never know because you leave your art in a foreign place and willingly welcome critics.  Maybe artists are crazy, after all.

But beyond the crippling roadblock of transparency, you know art is meant to be shared, because you, the artist have something to say, a message, an idea, a dream.  It begins deep inside and as it grows,  it begs to be brought to life.  You never really know how it will speak to others, but you are only responsible to create.  You art will speak for itself.  

I’ve been sensing for a while, this shift here on The Saturated Palette, a return to the things which led me to blogging in the beginning, art, creativity, meaning, faith, inspiration.  So, if you have questions or things you’d love to start a conversation about, let me know.  You can leave comments here or send me an e-mail, liv AT furthermorecreative DOT com.

Also, I’ll be removing most original paintings from my shop for the show, so if you’ve been eyeing one for your home, they will be available until Thursday, September 29, 2011. 

And, have you entered the caption contest yet?


  1. Good luck with your show!

    I did a few art shows at the First Friday Art Trail in Lubbock a couple of years ago. Overall, the experience was fun. But it was torturous at times to hear people talking about your work and even worse, to have them jsut skid on past without a second glance.

    I love the Elizabethtown quotes sprinkled throughout your posts many times. :)

  2. @Regina of Live Delightfully Thanks Regina, Elizabethtown is frequently sprinkled throughout my entire life. :) I should clarify, I guess art show is not the right word. I'm hanging my art in a coffee shop and then leaving it there. It won't be an art show with booths and displays. Just my art and some of my husbands in the coffee shop. So, I won't have to be there for the torture of which you speak.

  3. wow...this is where i am too. thank you for being vulnerable. good luck with your show. <3


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