Monday, October 25, 2010

brown paper packages tied up with string… (a giveaway)

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Hi friends,  can you believe that Christmas is just two months away.  The holidays are upon us and clearly, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  I love the holidays.  I love the traditions.  I love the food.  I love the fun.

I’m kicking off the holiday season with a sweet little giveaway, because I love putting together fun gifts and I love that you all take time to stop in a read my little blog.  I just wanted to say thank you in small way.

Here’s the catch… I’m not exactly going to tell you what will be in this fun package, because it’s going to be a surprise.  Maybe something vintage, perhaps something handmade, and even possibly some kind of art… Who knows? {only me}

Exciting, yes?

So, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me one of your favorite Christmas traditions by Thursday, October 28th at 12pm CST.  I’ll pick one winner on Friday, the 29th.

I can’t wait to read your comments.



  1. Oooh, fun! :) Let's of my favorite traditions is my family's Christmas Eve "potluck" supper. We eat some of the yummiest, quick-fix favorites, and enjoy spending time together (and maybe opening a present or two...).

    A close second would be the Christmas stocking. Even though I'm grown I refuse to let Mom retire the tradition. I just love the surprises! :)

  2. Oooh, I agree w/Ruth, Christmas Eve feasting is THE best!
    Also stockings are a lifetime highlight.
    Favorite tradition that involves full family participation: donning Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.
    Favorite personal Christmas tradition: would be approx. 6-8 wks before Christmas approaches singing: "I've got secrets, secrets, secrets everywhere..."
    It's a familiar tune my mother sang to us when we were kids to get us into the spirit of giving. She still sings it every Christmas and I'm proud to keep the tradition going.

  3. It's the Christmas stocking for me too. It actually started more when I was just out of school and my siblings and I were very short on money so instead of getting gifts we began getting inexpensive stocking stuffer's with no names attached. It helped us have fun without spending a lot of money. I still looking forward to the stocking today although I now usually know what is in there, but I just smile because it has the things that the secret Santa somehow knows exactly what I want.

  4. OOOoooohhhh How Secretive!!! I love it!!! :)

    Let's see... my favorite tradition is decorating and putting up the tree. I put on Christmas music, make some hot chocolate, light a fire in the fire place, and then drag out all my boxes and sing my way around the house putting all my decoration up. Then, when it's all finally done, we will turn out all the lights and just leave the Christmas Tree lights and other decorations lights on. It's magical. I cry. Every year.

    And I love stockings too! I have a stocking that my Granny made me the year I was born. It's the same stocking I've used every year. And this year, I can hardly wait until we get kids to start new traditions with, like reading Christmas stories and sharing all the magical wonderment of Christmas with little ones. :)

  5. Oh what fun! I love surprises! One of my favorite Christmas traditions is actually regarding Christmas Eve: Every year (for more than a decade!) my extended family will get together at my aunt's house and we'll spend the evening over a spread of cookies, sorbet punch and...watching A Christmas Story! Ever year without fail, that's what we watch. It's so funny because it's so predictable!

    P.S. I love that Christmas is inching closer!!

  6. Baking. I LOVE baking traditional treats... fudge, sugar cookies, gingerbread cake, pies. Of course I always try something new a fun. Last year I made my own variation of "Crunchy the Snowman." Thankfully, I have my sister the yoga teacher to keep me in shape. :p

  7. That's so sweet Liv!

    I think my favorite tradition is going to cut down a tree...usually always the weekend after Thanksgiving. I don't know if it will happen this year, as we'll have company...but cutting down the perfect tree is always a blast!

  8. While Christmas as a whole is my very favorite tradition, the most fulfilling part for me is that once a year, every Christmas Eve, all the members of my family gather round into a small, cozy extra room where we somehow fit dozens of people and get dangerously close to one another. In that time, we share stories, sing Christmas carols, and open presents. But the best part is when every one settles down, and my grandmother or aunt reads the Bible's Christmas story. I find in that moment, we all are a bit more appreciative of the season. It silences us, gives us a moment to consider the sacrifice, the joy, the wonder of Christmas. Isn't it wonderful how Christ not only brings together the world at the occasion of His birth, but also brings together family? I can think of no greater celebration than the day our Savior was born.

  9. what fun! i heart surprises!

    on christmas eve, we go to a christmas eve service. it lasts one hour and we sing beautiful christmas songs and read scriptures about the birth of baby Jesus.

    when we get home, i let the kids (and us big kids too) open one package. it's always jammies to wear that night.

    as soon as we think the kids are settled, mr claus and i begin stuffing the stockings and setting a few unwrapped things out among all the wrapped they know santa has been there. (even though neither have ever fully bought it, we still play it up for fun)

  10. First- Im loving your blog- it's one of my new favs :)
    Anyway, I just got married last December BUT my husband and I started out tradition 3 years ago when we were dating. Every year we each MAKE an ornament for our Christmas tree. It doesn't sound like that big of a deal- but I love the idea that when we are a wrinkly old couple, we will have a beautiful tree FULL of memories from our years together!

  11. Favorite Christmas tradition...

    The Hidden Holiday Gnome Hunt at the Gaylord Palms Resort. 20 gnomes are cleverly hidden throughout the hotel's GIANT atrium and we are given a clue sheet to search for such gnomes. This is such a great night out with friends that is celebrated with hot chocolate or ice cream after completing the hunt.

  12. First of all, I LOVE all things associated with Christmas. All things. Nate and I are having a wonderful time each year building new holiday traditions for our family. Last year instead of a tree, we had a Christmas "twig", like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and we loved it so much we decided to keep it up every other year. Also last year, with Nate's family (which as you know is quite large and growing by the minute ; ) we started doing a holiday ornament exchange so we don't have to worry about getting every person a gift- everyone gets an awesome ornament instead! And, my last and probably favorite one is something that Nate and I started our first Christmas together after we were married. We had recieved so much help from so many people that year to get our lives together started. So we decided to pick a few and send them a thank you card and a Christmas ornament to show our appreciation. The ornament we picked that year ended up being an angel. We loved doing it so much that we decided to continue the tradition every year- naming our Christmas "angels" and thanking them with an angel ornament. It is something I look forward to having my babies participate in when they are older too.


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