Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The brand new.

There was once a day of creative failure, a sewing project that would not fit any human and a painting that resulted in many grimacing, fist clenching moments.  The painting sat unfinished and taunting on the table. The artist walked away, but did not leave the emotions. They trailed along and took captive the rest of the evening.

The artist, being a feeler (INFJ) was as melancholy as one could be, not because everything was so terribly wrong, but because right now was.

Someone wonderful tried to cheer her up, she would have nothing to do with it.  A bath was taken and not enjoyed and she slumped into bed decidedly defeated.

But before she drifted off to sleep, the swarming thoughts cleared away and one promise remained.

Tomorrow is brand new.

And it was, and it is.

She looked out to see a wild tale of grey clouds resting above the trees and birds flew high, higher, and higher still past the clouds.  Clouds may be present, but they never inhibit our abilities to soar.

So, it was true. Tomorrow (Today) is brand new, she declared to herself in the stillness of the morning. She would soar.

And inspiration came in a stroke of random and a painting was born. Not the one from yesterday, but something new, that wasn’t possible without walking the road of struggle. Something better than it would have been the day before and something immediately cherished. In fact, its value was increased because of the struggle.

I suppose what we have here is another lesson about the journey and growth.  One of allowing right now to be rough, but knowing right now isn’t forever.  And a lesson of letting the process happen, so that the beautiful will come.

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