Thursday, May 3, 2012

through pictures and prayers

 Calm the Seas Original Acrylic on Canvas

Here’s something.  I like church.  I think it’s good and important, but mostly it’s distracting to me and I mean that in the most respectful way.  So many people to watch, so many reactions and emotions, structures and plans.  Most of the time, I walk away saying, that was nice.

However, give me a roaring ocean or a majestic thunderstorm and I can’t help but be completely moved and in awe of God.  Give me a paintbrush and a canvas and I’m totally connected to the master of the universe.  Just me and Him, communicating, it’s beautiful.

I remember one thing from last week.  The song lyrics were,

You can calm the oceans, speak peace into my soul. 

In my head, this image came alive, the juxtaposition of the storming seas and the calm serenity.  The constant comfort of His presence. The truth that no matter the circumstances, He is. As the song continued, the image came into focus like I was watching  someone paint it.  I knew I needed to come home and do the same. 

And I did. As brushstrokes became waves, I felt peace indescribable, in an overwhelming way. It was a prayer and a declaration, you are with me.

We all connect to God in different ways and understanding that is crucial.  And when we understand the ways we connect, we will thrive.  I don’t need to focus on how clapping is impossible for me, or how small talk is my LEAST  favorite, or how much “repeat after me,” drives me insane, because it’s not about me.  I am just one person and maybe others thrive in this setting of being led, prompted, and instructed.  But me, I’m searching for those messages that come alive and give breath. He supplies them and my part is to give them a home on a canvas or in a string of words.

I wonder, how do you connect to God?

We reach for God in many ways. Through our pictures and our prayers. Through our writing and our worship. And through them He reaches us.” –Ken Gire


{Painting is in the shop.}


  1. That was brilliantly put. I wish we could all understand that we connect with God in different ways (and often more than one!). Sometimes people can feel ashamed when they don't "feel" God strongly in the more traditional settings. Spread the word, lady.

  2. i LOVE this. i agree wholeheartedly. its so hard to be a certain way in church when you feel it's prompted. i can totally relate. when i see a beautiful cloud formation or never-ending ocean i feel so close to Him. Thank you for putting into words what i feel and making it feel more normal.

    love your heart in this. and what a cool painting!

  3. Wanna put together a show to be showcased in our new art gallery in downtown Richmond?


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