Wednesday, May 30, 2012

creativity is ever changing.

Where a river starts is not where it ends, the water begins in one place and never returns again.  It flows down new curves and over new rocks and past new trees and it empties out into something bigger than itself.  That’s the way of the river, moving on, going forward, newness, change-- the way of nature. 

Also the way of creativity.  Coincidence no?

We are given this gift, the ability to dream and to color our worlds, to bring beauty, depth, mystery, hope, wonder, and goodness.  When we were brand new in the world, this was in us, every single one of us.  The trouble is that not everyone remembers or believes it to be true. And some people were never told.  Which I hate.  Because incredible potential sits undiscovered and we need all the discovered potential we can get.  For us, for life, and for the world.

And just as I didn’t sit down to write any of those words, creativity will take you down paths you never considered, or even the ones you casually dismissed.  Until one day, you begin to consider it and allow it to grow. Time spent dreaming becomes the food the idea needs and suddenly possibilities are everywhere.  Encouragement comes.  Door open before you touch the handle.  This is the affirmation you need.

You see where this is going, a new venture is happening and I just wanted to share a glimpse.

More details will be coming in the next few weeks!

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  1. THESE ARE AMAZING! All so cute Liv. I think my favorite is that first blouse. Love love love.


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