Saturday, April 4, 2009

Raindrops as Art

I've been spending some time looking at my collection of paintings, thinking about how I can grow as an artist and in this process, I fall in love with my work, all over again.  One of my absolute favorites is this, "Rain Sounds."  Being an English major and one who delights in rainy day accessories, I combined all the things I love to create this whimsical piece, where letters are falling as raindrops, from a salt shaker, yes a salt shaker.  Good thing this little girl is safe from all those vowels and consonants under her bright pink, over sized umbrella and her feet are protected by her radiant yellow rain boots.  Don't rain boots always make you happy?  Is it even possible to see a fun patterned pair of galoshes and not imagine splashing through the deepest puddles?  Have you experienced this joy?  What accessories brighten your day? What things bring you back to the carefree days of childhood bliss?

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