Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, it's always a great feeling when someone wants to buy something that you created, something that you poured yourself into, and in the end, look upon your creation and are pleased.  I've had a small amount of success with sales of my art, literally- small.  I am confident that as my talents grow and as I keep painting, so will my success.  However, I still paint to paint, not to sell, because, the moment I begin creating on demand or for profit... I am certain that a great amount of the truth and expression will fade.

Someday, I'll just delight in the fact that someone I don't know will see my work and want a piece for themselves... I think about that day often, but for now, I'm happy to be in the stages of growth. Last week, some friends told me they were interested in purchasing one of my paintings for another friend's birthday.  So, I named the price and we made the exchange. Later, I received word that the birthday boy was very happy with his gift, which of course, made me happy too.

The piece was affectionately named, 1984, after reading Orwell's masterpiece for our book club, Cafe Classic.  I had the painting on display, when hosting the monthly meeting and it received great reviews, both the book and the art.  I thought I'd share a glimpse of 1984 with you.

While the original is gone and no longer available to you, cards and prints can be found here... or maybe you'll find something else that is begging to decorate your life.  Most of all, I hope you are inspired to find the art all around you.

Oh, one more thing on the subject of business. I received my business cards and postcards in the mail yesterday.  Isn't it delightful to see your name printed on a card?  Well, it made me a little more excited, it sure did.


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