Friday, April 3, 2009

Scrabble is A-R-T

Friday evening is usually game night around here, as long as the Hudson baby cooperates. Tonight's game was Scrabble.  I'm a big fan of this one, being a lover of words and equally,  a lover of winning. 
This week, the delightful spelling game brought me just a little more than letter-combining, word creating, competitive fun.  Tonight, Scrabble also brought me a little bit of inspiration.
There are two boys in my life, one holds my hand, while walking beside me and
 the other I hold tightly in my arms.

A few of my favorite things: words, buttons, paintbrushes, ribbons, and the color pink.  
Honestly, this might have been more fun than actually playing the game.

A combination of all the things I love the most, 
the ones who have my heart 
and the art that drives me.

Another perfectly lovely Friday night, and in case you are wondering... I did win the game.

P.S.  Many Scrabble inspired projects to come, I promise.


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