Monday, April 11, 2011


The creative flow.  I’m feeling it something fierce. 

It could have to something to do with the ice melting, the grass reappearing, the beaming sunshine, and the fresh air floating in through my windows.  It could be all the walks we’ve been taking, discovering signs of life coming back in the form of Spring.  It might have something to with the baby sleeping 6-9 hours straight every night.  And, it is probably because, I actually picked up a paint brush and remembered that I was an artist.

Of course, when I say that I could be, I really mean that it is.  It’s the combination of everything and it’s a killer combination.  It’s hearing the inspiration and answering the call.  It’s recognizing the moment and sitting down to paint. It’s building cities out of cereal boxes with my little boy.  It’s making headbands for my baby girl.  It’s painting wooden letters and throwing them in a wire basket with fruit. It’s hot gluing ribbons to embroidery hoops, because you just feel like you should.  It’s allowing the creative energy that is pulsating through you to manifest. 

The key word in the creative flow is flow.  Picture a river, the water must keep moving, it needs an outlet, it needs to pour out into something bigger and bring life to new things… and if it does not, it turns into a stagnant ugly mess.  And that is gross.  Rivers aren’t greedy, they don’t try to trap all the water within their banks, because they know there will be more.  The source will not run dry, even droughts are temporary and the rains will come again.

Creativity is the same way. If you faithfully allow the creative energy to flow through you, the source will continue to supply more, but if you hoard it, it (or you) will turn into a stagnant ugly mess. 

And who wants that?


  1. No one that I know of, certainly not myself. :)
    Loved the letters and the Ribbons in the Hoops.


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