Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You might think this headband is crazy, but I had to make it.

I really love this one, like really.  I can think of a dozen people who might go into shock upon seeing it, in fact, I might be the only person in all the world who likes it.  I’m okay with this.

Heather Grey, Brown, Teal, and Orange Knit Crazy-Awesome Headband
This oversized headband is made from a shirt that I loved. It’s the right kind of crazy that needed to live on in another form.  It’s a jersey knit, super-soft, wild piece, completed with an elastic strap in the back.
It’s for the days when you don’t really want to do your hair, but you need a little something… which is me everyday.  It’s also for.. any day, any time, because your head needs a little excitement sometimes and it’s impossible to feel boring while wearing this.
So, to buy it click the button below.  It is absolutely impossible for me to recreate this one, so don’t wait too long, if it makes your little headband-loving heart skip a beat.

*If you click the button and are redirected to my online art shop, this headband has sold.


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