Thursday, April 21, 2011

re-fashion rampage

As I am itching for change/spring/sunshine/new clothes/all of the above, I’m tearing through boxes and clothes on a bit of a re-fashion rampage, and everything I see, I’m asking, how can I make that? what can I do with this?  It’s borderline obsessive as I’m trying to re-work perfectly good items that I am still using… but whatever.
I took this shirt and turned it into a headband and used the rest to sew a dress for the little lady. 

I used the same pillowcase dress pattern that I have been using to make the other dresses.  The ruffled button detail is from another shirt that I saved.
I love the colors and how it’s still cute and girly, but not obnoxiously obnoxious. After all, she’s a modern baby,
I’d even wear it…
Oh wait, I already did.

If you’ve been sewing anything I’d love to see it, send me a link in the comments!


  1. i want a dress like that. darling.

    you need to meet my niece, cheri.


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