Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The H & H Weekly #11

Here’s the thing. There are seven days in the week. You can guarantee that one of those days each week, the H & H will happen.  I can’t be restricted to schedules, even if I create them myself.  Schedules and rules make me feel itchy and crowded in my soul.  So… even though yesterday was the start of week 12, you get 11 now, and that is how it works.

Someone has discovered her hands.  She’s all Sherlock Holmes about analyzing every little detail of her fingers and wrists. The other day, she grabbed H’s shirt when he was sitting on the floor by her and he tried to walk away.  He gave us the funniest look when he realized her grip was holding him back. She already is playing with her hair all the time.

  Mr. Skinny has a new favorite show, Mickey Mouse. We got tired of PBS complaining about losing their funding and so we are kind of loving Disney Junior right now.   Yes, my kid watches t.v., GASP! How do I even live with myself? He also likes to run around with no pants, but who doesn’t?  Anyways, his vocabulary is growing like crazy.  His newest words: toast, crash, doll, cheese. Most of these words he has picked from reading his books, isn’t it amazing how kids learn?

And that is what is happening with my H and h, learning machines.


  1. Precious. Love it!

    And it's funny how us creative spirits always try to confine ourselves to schedules and routines when true creativity cannot be confined in any aspect. As long as you keep up with the H & h updates, I won't complain. ;) Such precious kiddos!

  2. H&H are lookin' seriously cute these days!

    Sometimes PBS bugs me, too. I get it that you're poor, PBS. I seriously get it. Now please let me watch this travel show for free, already...please? Please? :)

    Love seeing H&H grow!


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