Monday, April 11, 2011

free at last, free at last

Let the heavens rejoice.  It’s finally nice enough to go outside. Hibernation is over!! No longer will the winter oppress us and trap us indoors with its frigid temps. In less than ten minutes we can walk to two different coffee shops, a bakery, the library, the beach, two parks, the train depot, and the marinas to watch the boats.  And that is exactly what we did at least three times this week.

Welcome Spring, you are lovely and I mean that like I’ve never meant it before.
PS.  I LOVE these pictures of my babies… and yes, I DO think my sunglasses could be even bigger.
How are you welcoming spring?


  1. 1. I LOVE your sunglasses.
    3. Yes, the could be larger.
    2. I LOVE those pics of you and h.

  2. thank the good LORD!!!! woohoo!!!!

    these pictures are so great. love them. enjoy spring.

    i'm welcoming it by airing out my house, cleaning, walking outside and a general new sense of wellbeing. ;)

    xoxo have fun!


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