Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Minnesota: only the brave (read: crazy) survive

Only in this crazy state of Minnesota would 50 degree temps lure us out from months of hibernation for a “spring-time” walk.  This places makes people do crazy things, for starters… live here.  But, we’ll save that for a  rainy day.

Sunday, we braved the cool temps and walked down a few blocks to one of our favorite places, the lake.  Every time I walk outside, I still expect that bitter chill to consume me and when it doesn’t I do a little dance.. in my head.  But, I will take 50 degrees and be happy about it, but only if winter never ever comes again.


Why, yes, the lake is STILL frozen..ish.


Little h enjoyed the walk all snug and warm in the mei-tai.


Across the way is our favorite beach and park.  I vaguely remember swimming in the lake last summer,  but will this lake ever return to a liquid state? 

IMG_8063 IMG_8064IMG_8071 IMG_8075IMG_8073

This tree is all kinds of inspiring.


And then H was not impressed at how loud real trains were, as he held on tight to daddy and through his sobs, whimpered, “choo-choo.”  Sometimes reality hurts, kid.

And then we came home, watched Thomas (the train) and everything was right in the world again.


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