Monday, November 21, 2011

one for the memory box: morning hello.

The baby o’non sleeper rises with the early sun.  She doesn’t need sleep, she just needs mama.  Strangely enough, mama needs sleep.  Remember when my first born child started sleeping through the night at 8 freaking.fantastic.weeks old on Christmas Eve?  The greatest gift ever. Hey, 10 months, get your act together. Is this the point in which we start comparing our children?  You know, your brother did this..

Anyways, how odd that two totally different babies would be, you know, different. So, I suppose this is payback for all the sleep I got prior to January 2011.. all those days I thought, whoa being a mom is totally easy. Fact: Everything is easier on a full night sleep.   But lately, us girls get up and drink some tea or coffee, I eat a casual breakfast, read a little or watch the travel channel. I love the travel channel in the morning. She plays contented by the fireplace o’electric .  I don’t mind so much these few hours in the morning. 

A few hours later, the golden child of slumber rises, seriously, like 9:30 or 10am.  Oh, beautiful boy after my own heart.  And I scoop up that little lump of morning lovin’ sugary sweet and we bounce over to his bedroom door.  I turn that wretched doorknob, the one I’m certain will not work one day and he will be stuck in his bedroom forever until we take an axe to it and then own the rental company 1,000,000 dollars.

And she looks around the room as fast as she can, already squealing with all the delight that 19 pounds can hold. She spots him and practically leaps out of my arms. And he’s so amused and responds, hi, pretty baby.

Hands down, one of my favorite parts of the day.


  1. what is it about those 2nd babies that turns everything topsy turvy, upside down, helter skelter? lot less sleep, but a whole lot o'goodness.

  2. I love the exchange between your two children. That is just so beautiful and precious. Definitely one for the memory box:-).


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