Monday, November 28, 2011

I wish they knew.

I wore my hounds tooth cape, the one I made. Weaving through the aisles, I came to a full stop at that holiday cookie display. I want to pitch a tent and occupy the cookie display, and in protest, eat all of them.

The checkout line was short on this beautiful grey day, cold, but the kind of cold that feels warm once January comes.  I will say this for my whole life, but how do people stand the winters in Minnesota?  The friendly lady took my basket and then asked what I called that (cape), is it a poncho?  Her friend and check- out counter relief partner came and replied, it’s a cape.  This was followed by,  Where did you get that? 

I softly replied that I made it from an old jacket, hesitantly, because sometimes, when people hear that you can make clothes, they go a bit crazy.  Enter scene.  YOU MADE THAT? WHAT I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? NO, WOW. THAT’S AMAZING. IT’S AMAZING HOW PEOPLE CAN MAKE THINGS LIKE THAT. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE CAN JUST MAKE SUCH NEAT THINGS. I COULD NEVER. I COULD NEVER. 

No, stop. not the never.

Now, being that words of affirmation is one of my major love languages, this would normally send me over the moon, pushing my tank to F, but in this moment, I’m embarrassed, If I shrank down to two inches tall, then I could sneak away, but they went on and on. Are they still putting my items in the bag?  They were so loud and so shocked.  People were starting to overhear the two of them and I just stood there, feigning a smile.  I tried to tell them that all I did was cut off the original sleeves, reshape them, and sew the pieces back together, but they didn’t hear me. 

But most of all, I wanted to scream. I wanted them to take back their I-could-nevers and throw them away over the ledge, never to be needed again.  The amount of shock over a simple jacket refashion broke my heart, here were two beautiful ladies who believed the never, instead of the could. I wish they believed in themselves, in the abilities and potential they possessed.  In the abilities they’ve yet to discover and pursue.  I wish they were the proud owners of a notion that anything is possible. I wish they were dear friends with the truth that each one of us is capable, talented, and unique.  Our gifts come in all sizes.  We all have something great to offer.

Sometimes, it feels lonely to be a person who believes in dreams and possibilities, in a world where too many do not. What ever happened? What went wrong? Were their dreams trampled upon, smashed into oblivion? Did they ever meet a face of encouragement? If I shouted from the rooftops, YOU CAN, would they believe me?

I wish they would, because they can.

you can.

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  1.! And in a time when I'm second guessing blogging & sewing & creating, you have encouraged me :-)

  2. So many things I want to say to you ... but it's really hard sliding my fingers on this bitty keyboard.
    I love your writing.
    I love your positivity.
    I love that we share a name ... my middle name is liv ... & so is my middle daughters.
    (sometimes I can't remember where an apostrophe goes.)
    (please ignore)
    I love that canvas over there that says do what you love.
    I love that you refashion clothing ... but wouldn't gush about it.
    I just think it's awesome.

  3. I've had something similar happen recently with some knit legwarmers I made for my daughter. I imagine that I said the same things until I gave it a try. :)


  4. Oh my... you spoke my heart when you said "sometimes it feels lonely to be a person who believes in dreams and possibilities..." I've been made lonely by that very thing more times than I'd like to count.

    Thank you.

  5. Thank you. Just... thank you. I needed some encouragement today.


  6. This brought tears to my eyes...good ones.

  7. I'm with Blessed...

    That line resonated so strongly with me. I know that feeling so well.

    Love you, Kindred Spirit.

  8. Exactly! I've been in this exact situation manymany times... If only they could just try, one time, they'd see just how much more is possible. The only difference between those who DO and those who wish they COULD is the TRYING.

  9. @Christina I'm so happy to be able to encourage you. Thanks for letting me know. Keep up the creativity, whatever it may be! You have a gift and talent.

  10. @Blessed Yes! But in this case, it's good to be lonely, no? I'm right there with you.

  11. @girl willow I so enjoy your writing and blog, you have such a refreshing outlook.

  12. @jen Jen, apostrophes can be tricky little things. Thanks for all your kind words.

  13. OK, this was powerful. I think I can I think I can I think I can instead of I could never.....


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