Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I caught myself singing in the morning.

I did. I did.  But you’d never believe it. Me, queen of the un-morning lovers. People who sing in the morning get smoldering scowls for me. People who make noise in the morning, just get a less intense version. Good thing my babies are so cute, they get smiles.   It was 9 AM and not a creature was stirring, besides that fantastic husband of mine who had been slaving away for the man for a few hours already.  That baby girl, hater of sleep, she found her way back to the hushed rise and fall of slumber.  My son, three going on teenager got all of my expert sleeping genetics and will happily sleep for another 45 minutes.  I beam with pride.

For a moment, I thought, hmm, more sleep. But in an instant, I sprang to my feet, as silently as possible to not wake the sleeping babe in the room. I slipped into my fuzzy moccasins, the ones I bought to ward off the inevitable doom of winter’s cold feet and I grabbed my husband’s robe.  Why are those always better than the three we own ourselves?

As I did a silent victory dance for having walked the dangerous  dead man’s bluff-creaking planks of the space in front of the bedroom door and heard not a sound from the light sleeper of the century.

And that’s when I heard it, escape from the salivating corners of my mouth.

Good morning. Good morning. You slept the whole night through (this part is not applicable). Good morning. Good morning to you.

I almost reprimanded myself, but not today.  Not on this special day.  Not on this glorious morning full of radiant light and jubilation.

So I sang it again, and you can’t stop me.  Then, I opened my first bag of Christmas blend coffee and the aroma carried me away to a magical land.

Welcome back, my love.  The holiday season begins now.

A few notes:

  1. I write a version of this post every single year. Yes, I do. It’s my favorite coffee in all the land.
  2. This is not endorsed by Starbucks, but, shouldn’t it be? I mean, really? I will accept compensation in more coffee.
  3. My children woke up in the time I sat down to write this, but I don’t hear any crying, so I shall steal a few more sips.
  4. I hope they remember there is no crying on Christmas blend day.


  1. i have not yet experienced this fabulousness, but MUST!

  2. oh my- a lady after my own heart. i love some christmas blend from starbucks!!!


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