Monday, November 7, 2011

one for the memory box

I walk him to his room, where he will nap, but more like play almost not so quietly in his room for a while during the middle of the day.  He won’t sleep, but still says, “Good night, love you,” which sounds like “gah nite lav you.” and blows me a kiss. I could breath off those sweet puckers. And he’ll greet me when I turn the door knob with a “Good Morning,” at 3pm. I love every silly thing about him.

I respond the same way. He turns around to face me and says, “oh no, wait, hug?” He collides into my legs with his arms held high. I pick him up and he wraps his long, thin arms around me and pats my back, he’s done that since he was a tiny little babe. When he grows out of it, I’ll wither away, I suppose.  He plants a kiss on my cheek and climbs down to play with his train track, but first he closes the door as I walk out.

I stand on the other side of the door, melting.

Little boys are mama’s heart melting machines.

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  1. Oh absolutely, so perfectly said.

    (and I have some boys that have grown and they don't stop with the melting.)


  2. This was so sweet and heartfelt. I adore the feeling of my Little's arms wrapped around me and have thought about how I might feel should she ever stop. I hope the hugs keep coming because they make this mama's heart happy. So happy.

    Beautifully written.

  3. Oh goodness, yes. They are.

    My kids lie when they say goodnight, too.

    And I could breathe off of their puckers, too- goodness, I love that line.

  4. Yes boys most certainly are mama's heart melting machines. I have a blue-eyed one and he does it on the daily:)) beautiful post.

  5. I wish that sweetness could last forever. The scent of baby breath, the complete love and trust in a little one's hug... melt away Mama.

  6. My son cut out naps VERY early, but I would have him have quiet time in his room. Sometimes I would just sit outside his door and listen to the conversations he carried on with his cars and toys. Precious. He's now fifteen.

  7. "I stand on the other side of the door, melting." I have been there many times, well written ;)

  8. Beautiful. As a mom of all girls, I have to say I that Mama/son relationships pull at my heart strings. I love my girls, but even I can't deny the special love between a mom and her boy. I can only imagine how your heart melts. And I LOVE the pat-on-the-back hugs...I just started getting those from my youngest. Too sweet!


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