Monday, October 12, 2009

4,148 miles.

is the approximate distance it would take to drive from here, Tennessee to a small town in Alaska where my dad and step-mom live.
Good thing we are not driving then.  I imagine though, that is how long it will feel to fly there, as well, especially with the squirmy little thing called the baby.
But… we are going, yes, we’re going to Alaska, next week.  Surprise!!  It’s new to us too, but we’re totally up for a little adventure right now,  we could certainly use a change of scenery for a few days and we’re really feeling the need for some good quality nature time, I heard there is real nature up there. No Starbucks, but nature.
I suppose they really miss their grandson (and maybe us too-but we all know it’s mostly him, there’s no denying it.)  and figured this was the best way to be a part of his first birthday, well that’s a pretty big gift, I’d say.   We’re excited.
But most importantly, I’m pretty sure that I have absolutely nothing to wear, to Alaska, in what will probably be the beginning of winter.  My dad said that it was actually an Indian Summer there, but I bet he was just trying to get me to say yes :) This is no TN winter, or even a Michigan winter, which I grew up knowing.  I think it’s gets down to –2200 degrees up there.  (slight exaggeration, maybe)
So, when I say that I have nothing to wear, it’s not like I don’t have something cute and trendy to wear or I just don’t like anything in my closet, but I think I own two pairs of socks and I’m doubting that my rainbow sandals will be of much use to me then.  I don’t even own boots.  So I’ll probably just wear all the sweaters I have every single day and we can all pray that I don’t turn into one giant-coffee-loving ice cube.
Well I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun stories and some amazing pictures and we’ve never been to Alaska or that close to the North Pole, for that matter.  It will be fun to get to see and for them to see the  baby as he’s pretty much all grown up now, he’s almost one, you know.
As soon as we get back, we’re going to Kansas to spend some quality time with the husband’s family and have another birthday celebration there.  Wow, this baby is a big deal around here.
But first, I’m getting ready for his birthday party here, we’re doing breakfast in the park, how much fun will that be?  And, yes, there will be coffee, because let’s be honest, no coffee, no party.


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